Why I’m not a pastor (yet?)

When I first became a Christian, like most newly saved young men, I wanted to become a pastor. I even fantasized about having my own church and what I would call it.

I wanted to be the guy who got up on the pulpit and preached to the congregation every Sunday.

Perhaps I would wear a suit, perhaps we would have church picnics and outings. Maybe a youth ministry as well.

Then something changed.

I met Christianity’s enemies.

The atheists who said Jesus “never existed.”

The Muslims who said belief in Jesus as God will send a man to hell.

The skeptics who said the Christian religion was bad for society.

The new agers who said Christ was a “retelling of pagan gods.”

Yeah, those guys.

The kind of people the average pastor avoids mentioning. The kind of people the average pastor doesn’t want his congregants to find out about.

I began to become afraid. What if my congregation comes to me with challenges I can’t answer? What if I’m challenged to a debate? What if I have to defend the faith in the public square and can’t?

My paranoia pretty much crippled my hopes for a ministry.

Then by the grace of God I was shown another office.

Enter the apologist.

The word apologetics comes from the Greek apologia meaning to speak (or write) in defense of.

A whole new world was opened up to me. And I knew I had to become someone who defends the faith in some way. Even if it’s just studying and posting on a blog.

The truth is I’m not really an apologist. I’m studying to be an effective defender of the faith. And this blog serves as a learning tool for me to engage the public while I study. I plan on going into the ministry full time in the future. I may not have this a job or anything but I do hope for a new version of this blog with reams of information for those looking for answers.

For now though this will do.

Anyway, getting back to my original point, I couldn’t in good conscience go into any kind of pastoral ministry, and that’s when I broke off and started doing this.

And now I don’t ever want to look back. And I feel I don’t need to.

What is a pastor? Technically someone who oversees a flock.

So maybe an apologist is a pastor but with the entire flock in mind.

Either way, I would encourage every Christian to get into defending the faith as a serious office within the church.


And with that in mind, stayed tuned for some upcoming articles that will tackle several issues and common challenges raised by non Christians. I have several ideas in the works but I hope to get a little in depth.


See you next time.


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