Did the Romans invent Jesus?




It would seem as though the only place conspiracy theories can truly flourish are online. I have seen a lot of conspiracy theories in my day. I had a massive interest in conspiracy theories when I was younger, and of all the conspiracy theories I have seen, I can truly say this one takes the cake. I am writing on this topic as a part two to my previous post in response to a blogger propagating these theories.


Wealthy Roman families with the help of emperor Vespasian and Flavius Josephus wrote the New Testament and created Christianity and everyone associated with it, including Jesus Christ, as a means of pacifying the Jews and sway them into accepting Roman rule after the Jewish revolt and destruction of the temple between 66 and 70 AD. They then hid codes in the New Testament that revealed the truth about this so well they went unnoticed for 2000 years only to be discovered by a computer programmer named Joseph Atwill.

Well, now we know…

These theories are so absurd that no one but a handful of apologetics or biblical scholarship ministries have even bothered to mention the claims.

However, I have located two excellent articles that completely expose the theory, comment if you’d like the links.

I’m going to approach these claims differently though. The above articles deal with evidence and lack thereof, but I’m going to work on the question of whether or not the Lord Jesus Christ is the type of Messiah the Romans would have invented had they truly invented one. We will see Jesus is the exact opposite, and would have only caused more outrage by the Jews.

We must also note that Rome would NOT have bothered creating a religion, they would have used the sword to quell upheaval. Which they did.

I will demonstrate in this article that the person and work of Jesus Christ would have been so offensive to the Jews at the time, that they would have been anything but “pacified”.

We need to address one thing first. This theory would have us believe that Jesus as a person didn’t exist and that these documents created by the Romans would have been passed around to the Jews with the intent that they would believe them.

Umm, didn’t the Jews NOTICE that the Messiah in the documents wasn’t real? The theory posits that the very people who were waiting for a Messiah to arise were convinced that one arose… And yet never actually existed in the places he was said to have… He’s not physically here in other words.

Imagine that. Nobody bothered to say ” wait a minute… There was no Jesus Christ” but instead bought into these Roman documents and the religion flourished for 2000 years.

That would be like trying to convince Americans a president existed that never did. Americans who lived in Washington DC around the time the president was said to have taken office.  Yeah, that’s believable.

But now let’s look at several factors that make Jesus the exact opposite of a pacifying Messiah.

If one reads the new testament one will clearly see Jesus didn’t quite get along with the Jewish religious leaders of the day. And does anyone know why?

Because almost everything He said and did was a challenge to their extreme traditions built around the law and their blatant hypocrisy. If I was creating a Messiah to “pacify” people I would not make one that actually stirred them up. Let’s take a look at a few points.


Jesus made claims to Deity. This caused outrage among the Jews (John 8:56-59 Matthew 24:64-65)

Hardly intended to “pacify”


Jesus performed miracles on the sabbath and did other things against their laws on the sabbath. Again causing outrage (John 5:5-10, Matthew 12:1-2)

Hardly intended to “pacify”

Jesus hung around those who were shunned by the Jews (Matthew 11:19) And spoke about a caring Samaritan who was more godly than a priest ( Luke 10:30-37) the Jews hated the Samaritans. Again this would have caused outrage.

Hardly intended to “pacify”

Jesus was born of a virgin, this caused accusation  among the Jews that He was the result of fornication (John 8:41)

Hardly something one would make up if they were trying to sell a Messiah.

Hardly intended to “pacify”

Jesus berated the scribes and Pharisees and the entire 23 chapter of Matthew is devoted to Jesus rebuking the Jewish leaders as vipers. Jesus also called them children of devil and children of hell. What’s that about a peaceful Messiah trying to get the Jews to settle down?

Hardly intended to “pacify”

Jesus made claims about destroying the temple (John 2:19) and that the temple would be destroyed ( Matthew 24:2)

This a major strike against the theory. The theory says after the temple was destroyed Jesus was invented to pacify the Jews. Anyone reading this at the time would have been furious that this Messiah would have said these things about the beloved temple.

The equivalent would be telling Muslims the dome on the rock would be destroyed, or Americans that the white house would be destroyed.

Hardly intended to “pacify”

Jesus chose tradesmen and tax collectors as His disciples. The Messiah was prophesied as a King who would take the throne of David. Jesus hanging around these types of people would have fostered confusion. Jesus was from Galilee and the Jews were adamant the Messiah would not be from an obscure village like Galilee. Again, this would have created confusion.

Jesus was nearly stoned several times, accused of practicing magic, they accused His mother of fornication, they berated Him because of His town, they berated Him because He was a carpenter, they tried to throw Him off a cliff, and eventually, they crucified Him. (Which caused a whole new set of problems for an invented Messiah, see my previous post)

And we’re to believe Jesus was invented to appease the Jews into a state of docility?

How about a Messiah who overturned almost everything held to by the Jews? How about a Messiah who stirred up outrage and envy? How about a Messiah they tried to accuse of blasphemy? How about a Messiah with no regards for rabbinic tradition? How about a Messiah who said the temple would be annihilated and because they rejected Him!? How about a Messiah who said He was God? Taking on the sacred name for Himself? How about a Messiah who hung around the people the Jewish leaders wouldn’t look twice at?

Jesus a Roman creation?

I don’t think so.


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